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Meet Gracie

Hi, I’m Gracie. I’ve made it my mission to help others on their journey to healthy living.

When I was 15, my health had taken a turn for the worse. The doctor told me I needed to change my lifestyle. I was sick of feeling sick, so I started to research nutrition on my own. I was very determined but it did take time and baby steps. I learned a lot along the way, making mistakes in nutrition and in the kitchen.

Added sugar and processed carbs were in nearly everything I was eating. I wasn’t finding many options in local stores that would satisfy my cravings.

I was lucky if I could bake a frozen pizza. The only baking experience I had came from my toddler years including dirt cakes from the garden and Easy-Bake brownies.

Naturally, I like to do things my way. I would find recipes online, but I just couldn’t follow their ingredients or instructions- no matter how hard I tried! So I started experimenting. Day after day I would come home from school to bake using the best ingredients I could find. If I CRAVED it, I CREATED it. After much trial and error, I created nearly 100 recipes that not only satisfied my sweet tooth, but were good for me. I slowly started to feel better with a renewed sense of excitement about food and my health.

toasted coconut cupcakes
whole grain bread
Gracie Girl Bakery
I am thankful I was given the space to be creative and experiment growing up. Life is messy and I was always taught that it’s ok to make a mess. It’s in those messes that we find what brings us joy.

Meet My Dad!

Chad Hauser

My dad had been experiencing a decline in his health about a year prior to when I started my own self-care journey. I challenged him to change his lifestyle for thirty days. No refined or added sugars. No processed foods or flours. His treats? Gracie Girl Brookies, Buckles or a Little Banana Loaf. It wasn’t a walk in the park, but once he overcame the sugar withdrawals he started to feel good – great even!

After the initial month, my dad lost 20 lbs. but most of all felt it was an obtainable lifestyle instead of a diet. He not only gained more energy and the ability to sleep at night but a genuine interest in his health. My dad went on to lose 70 lbs in 7 months and inches off his waistline. He continues to live a healthy lifestyle today.

“I like to focus on what I gained rather than what I lost.”

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Gracie Girl Bakery

not a diet – a lifestyle.

Eating well doesn’t have to be complicated. I sincerely hope Gracie Girl treats help to keep your cravings at bay and keep you feeling great every day!

Gracie Girl Bakery
Gracie Girl Bakery
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Gracie Girl Bakery
Gracie Girl Bakery