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what’s a buckle?

buckles are little coffee cakes baked with fruit and topped with a streusel topping. The individual cakes “buckle” on top.

how big are little loaves?

little loaves are about the size of 2 muffins.

what’s a brookie?

a brookie is a fudgy brownie combined with a delicious cookie.

how big are lil’ chunkers?

lil’ chunkers are bite size cookies.

are there nutrition facts available for each product?

yes, when you click on a product scroll down a bit and you will find the nutrition label.

how long can I store products in the freezer?

freezer life depends on the product. we usually recommend about two months for best results.

what is the best way to freeze products?

the best and easiest way to freeze our goodies is to just pop them in the freezer in their packaging.

what is the shelf life of your goodies?

we use the best all natural ingredients. real food doesn’t have a long shelf life. please pay attention to the freeze by date on your product. we recommend freezing goodies to maintain freshness.

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