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Allergens & Dietary Needs

what does gluten-free mean?

all of our products are made with certified gluten-free ingredients and made in our dedicated gluten-free facility.

what does dairy-free mean?

all of our products are dairy-free. we use no dairy containing ingredients in our baked goods.

do you have tree nuts in your facility?

yes- we use tree nuts in many recipes. please check out the dietary icons associated with each product if you are sensitive to tree nuts. our dietary icon “no tree nuts” simply means that the recipe doesn’t intentionally have tree nuts (excluding coconut) in it, however if you are extremely allergic or sensitive please note that we do indeed have tree nuts in the bakery.

is your bakery peanut-free?

we like to use the term “no peanuts” because we use “no peanuts” in our baked goods. we do not use any peanut butter, peanut oil, or peanuts.

are your products vegan?

we have one product that is vegan: vegan fudge.

are whole grain products gluten-free?

some whole grain products are gluten-free, just always be sure to check the ingredients and dietary icons associated with each product.  banana little loaves, lil’ chocolate chunkers, and buckles are just a few examples of goodies that are both whole grain and gluten-free. if a product is not whole grain, it is then grain-free. all products are gluten-free.

are any products keto?

we have some products that are considered keto friendly depending on your carb intake. if you are strict keto, they probably aren’t for you.

do any of your baked goods contain preservatives?

no way! none of our ingredients or products contain preservatives.

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